Extreme - is a complete solution for all backoffice, payroll, and HR needs.

Company History

Accountix was founded in 1992 by Keith Kelly to develop software for the Employee Leasing (now known as PEO) industry.  Our first product was an MS-DOS based application.  To keep up with a fast-moving market, we soon released a Windows based version in 1999, known as PEO Super Pro.

While our PEO Super Pro product was very stable and reliable, it began to show its age as Microsoft’s operating system continued to evolve.  In 2006, we began development on a new product to replace our legacy PEO Super Pro.  We made a switch in our software development tools, opting to use the newer Microsoft C#.NET programming language and move away from Delphi.  Our new product would be built using Microsoft’s SQL Server database as well.

In 2012, we released our new product, Extreme Payroll System, to a few select clients.  Also, in 2012, Accountix founder Keith Kelly made the decision to retire.  In June of that year, he passed the reigns of the company to longtime employees Quinn Davis and Jake Smith, to take over and continue leading the company forward.  Quinn took over as President and CEO, leading our support and sales teams; Jake took over as Chief Technology Officer leading our development team.

In 2014, our product Extreme went into full release.  Our clients use Extreme today to process payroll for thousands of their clients and hundreds of thousands of employees.  We continue to support Extreme and continue to implement new features to enable our clients to grow their businesses.


Accountix Software | Quinn Davis, President

Quinn Davis


Quinn Davis started with Accountix in 2001 as a member of our Technical Support team.  He willingly took on multiple roles and was given the opportunity to take over for then-President, Keith Kelly in 2012.  Together with Jake Smith, Quinn was instrumental in bringing the renowned Extreme software solution to market in 2014.

20+ years of experience have provided Quinn with an acute understanding of the PEO/ASO industry.  This enables him to effectively communicate with all of his clients and to deliver well-timed solutions for each client’s needs.

"As a small business owner like many of my clients, I strive to provide exceptional customer service while developing a quality software solution that allows them to do the same for their clients".

Quinn holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia Technology from Cal-Poly Pomona.

Accountix Software | Jake Smith, Chief Technology Officer

Jake Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Jake joined Accountix in 2007, during the early development of our Extreme Payroll System, bringing in valuable experience with C# and SQL application development.  In 2009 Jake took over as Lead Developer and helped guide Extreme to release.   Since 2012, Jake has been the co-owner and Chief Technology Officer with Accountix.