Extreme - is a complete solution for all backoffice, payroll, and HR needs.
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Extreme Payroll Suite is an on-premise Windows based software solution for the PEO/ASO industry, that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for data storage.  General ledger is the foundation of this product, and all aspects of the software automatically post to and update the ledger.

The software provides everything you need for backoffice, payroll, and HR administration.  This includes AR, AP, checkbook, ACH, W/C, tax withholding, and agency administration.  In addition, Extreme™ offers a comprehensive set of tools for client and employee administration, benefits, job costing, sales rep tracking, payroll and billing processing, and powerful reporting… just to name a few.

Extreme™ also features flexible client billing options, with multiple fee types and tax customizations.  This gives you the freedom to structure your billing and fees in a way that works for your business and for your clients.

The pricing structure is end-user based and can be leased or purchased.

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Extreme Web Portal can be hosted locally or through a hosting company.  It is integrated with the same database used by Extreme™, so no syncing is required.  Robust control is provided over which parts of the web portal each client and employee has access to.

Two versions of the web portal are offered — Standard and Premium.  Both versions provide basic access.  The Premium version includes access to employee onboarding, benefit enrollment, and automated payroll processing functionality.

Using the web portal, clients and employees enjoy a high level self-service.  Clients can perform tasks like basic employee management, reviewing their billing history, and running reports.   Employees can access information like their W2s, check-stubs, demographics, and benefit elections.

Document storage is also provided through the web portal.  Files can be uploaded by either clients or employees, and all documents are accessible through Extreme™.

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Accountix Software | Payroll Processing Service

Payroll Processing Service

Clients and payroll operators can submit payroll runs directly to the payroll processing service. Automatically calculates payroll, creates and sends reports to your staff and clients.

Accountix Software | Benefit Enrollment

Benefit Enrollment

This easy-to-use tool is built into the Employee Web Portal and is fully integrated with the desktop software. Employees can view benefit details, select from plans they're eligible for, and choose which dependents are covered.

Accountix Software | Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Gather new employee information, display company documents, and import data directly into the desktop software.

Accountix Software | Temp Staffing

Temp Staffing

Fully integrated daily hour entry, payroll processing, and billing for temporary employees. Provides union assignment and job costing functionality.