Extreme - is a complete solution for all backoffice, payroll, and HR needs.

EmCentrix is an HR technology/payroll integration developer.  The company was founded in Nevada in 2001 with the goal of creating great software that helps make the lives of HR & payroll professionals easier.  Their online software-as-a-service solutions are designed to help customers efficiently manage their internal processes from a web browser whenever and wherever they are, giving them the freedom to focus on their jobs rather than filling out paper or dealing with outdated systems.

Nelco specializes in W-2, 1099 and 1095 reporting for small and medium size businesses.  They play an active role in many government agencies working on behalf of the customers they serve.  Their team of compliance specialists not only monitor W-2, 1099 and 1095 form changes, they actually influence those changes on behalf of their valued customers.

Nelco also works with Accountix to ensure that your forms work the first time, every time.  They offer a 100% guarantee of compatibility with Extreme.

Accountix Software | Quarterly Express Plus Logo

The Windows based Quarterly Express Plus software provides the ability to file any return electronically from 2014 to present.  For a minimal fee, file any 941, 941R, 940, or 940R return.  In addition, they now support Form 8849 Claims Service along with affordable 720 and 2290 e-filing.

Since 1999, SwipeClock has been dedicated to the timeclock and workforce management industry.  They've mastered the tools that take the pain, chaos and confusion out of time, attendance and scheduling, and their Workforce Management solutions are designed to maximize workplace satisfaction and the effectiveness of the employer-employee relationship.  As an Inc. 5000 provider of Workforce Management software, their mission is to improve the efficiency—and profitability—of the North American workplace.

Vertex is a leading provider of tax technology and services with a 40-year history of automating and integrating tax processes for companies of all sizes.  The Vertex payroll tax solution integrates with leading HR and payroll platforms to provide accurate calculation of US and Canada payroll taxes.

Tapcheck is an on-demand pay provider that connects to your existing payroll and timekeeping systems to give employees early access to their earned wages. The idea is this: if employees can focus on producing their best work, companies can continue focusing on solving the big problems. It's simple: for a small fee that's comparable to an out-of-network ATM fee, employees can open up the Tapcheck app, request their on-demand earnings, and receive their already-earned pay to their bank account within seconds. Then on payday, any earnings received early are taken back as a payroll deduction. Tapcheck is free of cost to the employer and does not affect your existing payroll process or cash flow in any way.

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Accountix has been a proud member of NAPEO since 2014.  NAPEO is the voice of the PEO Industry and your best source for the tools and information you need on legal and regulatory topics, day-to-day operations, sales and marketing, and more.  NAPEO has more than ​250 PEO members that range from start-ups to large publicly held companies with years of success in the industry.  In addition to their work in the PEO industry, NAPEO also promotes and supports the Service Industry (ASO).