Extreme - is a complete solution for all backoffice, payroll, and HR needs.
Payroll Software
Employee Self-Service

Provides timely and accurate answers to many employee questions through a secure, easy-to-use, modern web-based interface.  Offers your employees the ability to submit paperless PTO requests, update demographic information, view compensation and benefit information, and much more.

Employee Onboarding

Easy-to-use wizard offers a paperless, user-friendly approach for collecting applicant information and obtaining acknowledgements for important documentation, such as new hire packets.  Includes e-sign functionality for I-9 and W-4 forms.

Payroll Submission

Up-to-date payroll submission control allows your clients to enter payroll data and submit it directly to you, through a secure, straightforward interface. This powerful tool offers various avenues for entering payroll data, depending on the complexity and magnitude of the payroll run being submitted.  We also provide the ability to import timesheets from almost any timeclock provider.

Benefit Enrollment

Our fully-integrated Employee Benefit Enrollment platform automatically identifies the specific plans your employees currently have and which plans they are eligible to enroll in, without the inconvenience of a third-party add-on.  This advanced approach enables your employees to enroll independently, from the comfort of home, while engaging and educating them on the benefits of each plan they are eligible for.

Pay History

Quickly access and print personal check stubs, W-2's, and other pay history information, without the hassle of digging through files or waiting for HR to retrieve them.

Client Billing History

Provides your clients the ability to view, export, and print past invoices.


Conveniently access canned and custom reports that offer useful information connected with Human Resources, Job Costing, Employee Demographics and Benefits.  Our Custom Report Generator enables your clients to quickly create accurate, company-specific reports from a wide-range of data.

Site Appearance

The Extreme Web Portal is fully customizable.  Engage your employees while effectively promoting your brand.  Customizations include the use of your company logo, social media links, company colors, and embedded pages from your other company sites.

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